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Quality Open Spaces As The Way Forward For Emerging Indian Cities

Metro Valley believes that emerging cities in India must conform to a set of goals and objectives that would foster a diverse and democratic cultural fabric, a harmonious society, a flourishing economy and a sensitive ecological balance for them to be termed smart city solutions. Public open spaces play a dynamic role in achieving this as they relate to our culture and have for centuries proved their potential by becoming a platform that can bring people, cultures, economies and ecology together. It is therefore essential to methodically plan and visualize this shared resource in order to implement meaningful and smart solutions. The key benefits of creating and maintaining public open spaces have to be the backbone of any city solutions.

Cities are about people, their needs and their dreams. Mere dependence on technological solutions without engaging people in
the development process has increased the maintenance cost of many. They also fail to generate a sense of ownership amongst the resident citizens that increases their maintenance costs. Gurgaon has the potential to lead by example for various reasons, its proximity to the capital being just one of many. Designing new Indian cities must take their lessons and cue from retrofitting older ones into becoming examples of modern day development.