Planning For Enabling Infrastructure

Planning For Enabling Infrastructure
Planning For Enabling Infrastructure
The open space along with its different typologies will play a vital role in the social community life in Gurgaon. Open space will cohesively act as a shared resource where experiences and value will be created for all its citizens, contributing as a 'self-organising public service'.

The synergies between the different programs will offer many benefits:
  • A vibrant street culture
  • Therapeutic benefits of being outdoors in natural surrounding
  • Enhance cultural and ethnic diversity on streets
  • Encourage social interaction and provide opportunities for children and young people to meet, play or simply 'hang out'
  • Instigate a sense of ownership and responsibility towards common public spaces.
  • An active neighbourhood and safe outdoors

The Synergy between the typologies will benefits and help to create local attachments and identity for the open space of Gurgaon.

However, the success of the open space planning is not solely dependent on a good master plan. It also crucial to understand how well the people adopt, use, and manage these spaces.

It is imperative to have developers, schools, villagers, residents, and users of the area around the open space to become its stakeholders and to share the responsibility for its true success.
  The Synergy of various typologies will result in a 24 hour active and safe area as each typology varies according to the time of day and day of the week, and is affected by what is on offer in a particular place at a particular time.

Retailing and commercial leisure activities dominate town centres,and though public space can act as a 'social glue' the research found that in some places 'the society that is being held together is a stratified one, in which some groups are routinely privileged over others' (Holland et al, 2006). So, for instance, young and older people are discouraged from frequenting shopping areas by lack of seating or (for groups of younger people) by being 'moved on'.