Principle 1: Fulfil People and Society's Needs

Principle 1: Fulfil People and Society's Needs  

Creating social hubs
at regular intervals

Open spaces are opportunities to create destinations that cater to the social and cultural needs of the city. Identifying the requirement and providing them in a decentralized manner shall promote easy access to these amenities for greater number of people.

Democratic and inclusive planning

The social hubs shall promote social interaction within visitors and break the barriers of religion, caste, creed and status.

Create venues for social
and cultural needs

These social hubs shall promote creativity in everyday life with greater exposure to public art, performances, music and literature. It shall provide facilities that will enhance health, fitness and livability of the surrounding communities

Promote sports
as a form of exercise

The open spaces shall provide venue for people of all age groups to engage in sports and fitness.

Provide interactive open spaces for educating the next generation

The opens spaces can become outdoor exhibition spaces demonstrating techniques to harvest water, compost waste, harness sunlight as well as a laboratory of rich flora and fauna.

Creating a safe
environment for all

Locating social facilities at regular intervals will not only ensure vibrancy but also providing safety and security with minimal supervision.
Principle 1: Fulfil People and Society's Needs