Principle 2: Connect To Nature

Principle 2: Connect To Nature  

Climate responsive public spaces

Create open spaces that provide human comfort. Shaded areas, cross-ventilated parks, visual relief and insulated open spaces from noise and air pollution will ensure climatically sensitive spaces.

Encourage Native vegetation and tree foliage for sustainable landscape

The use of native species shall promote biodiversity and provide low maintenance urban landscapes. The native species of trees also help in replenishing the ground water table along with providing shaded and better micro climates.

Productive landscapes: Support / create food friendly neighbourhoods

Native fruits trees along with locally grown organic farming can promote a healthy eating culture in Gurgaon. The fresh produce of fruits and vegetable can cut food inflation
  dramatically while ensuring a balanced growth model of food production closer to human settlements.

Urban farming
and community benefits

Activities like urban farming and community gardens create awareness about the environment and bring a sense of community living to the place.

Nature trails and eco-tourism

Open space network within Gurgaon can attract a lot of people closer to adventure and nature boosting the local economy further.

Materials and Surfaces

Use of locally available materials for construction of pathways and plazas within open space minimizes the impact on the environment and helps in creating a unique identity. Providing impervious surfaces will help recharge the ground water table as well as help mitigate flooding.
Principle 2: Connect To Nature