State's Vision for Gurgaon

With all the issues and consequences facing the growth of Gurgaon, there are also equally compelling opportunities and hope that keep the city from crumbling under distress. The millennium city has an undying will to succeed and develop into a model growth centre in North India. Complementing these aspirations a compelling development plan was developed that would bring balance to the chaos with areas reserved for transportation, infrastructure and much needed open spaces. The
biggest opportunity that the
new plan presents is a large part of land reserved as open spaces within the growth boundary of the region. With Sultanpur bird sanctuary as the eco-centre, there are thousands of acres of land reserved for similar ecological and recreational purpose.

Gurgaon has the opportunity of making a huge difference to the lives of the residents by unleashing the true potential of these series of open spaces. The optimal use of the open space network could potentially put Gurgaon on the world
map as one of the most dramatic transformation in recent history. The increase in the liveablity index shall attract more capital and prosperity to the region as the health care expenditure will continue to decline. In the following chapter we highlight the potential opportunity that could transform Gurgaon into a true millennium city.

To understand the scale of opportunity we must try and understand the planning and development of the region called the Gurgaon Manesar Urban Complex.