Livability Index: Medium To Low

Existing Conditions

Lack of quality public spaces and poor infrastructure more often acts a deterrent to the residents of the city. Poorly designed streets and open spaces along with mono-functional land use distribution throughout the city of Gurgaon leaves very little desire to inhabit and experience the outdoors and public areas. This is accompanied by a total lack of infrastructure for
cultural or social engagement of the people. The domination of malls and vehicles and the rich visually defines the city, fuelling inequality and resentment; putting eventually every resident to social disadvantage.


People prefer working in Gurgaon for making a living while living elsewhere to avail benefits of public amenities and social
infrastructure. Every resident is a colluder and the perpetrator while being a petitioning complainant. There is no sense of ownership or belonging that gets nurtured. Speculative purchases and inflated market prices result in low occupancy rate of 40%-50% giving a ghost like look to many residential and commercial areas at night thus lowering livability of the city itself.

Livability Index: Medium To Low   Livability Index: Medium To Low