Planning The Open Space Network: An Unprecedented Opportunity


The adjacent diagram illustrates all the different types of Open spaces dedicated as per the GMUC 2031 plan.

GMUC 2031 has earmarked an areas of 2928 acres as open spaces. As per the Master Plan, a 900 metres wide strip of land around the ammunition depot has to be kept free from urbanisation under the provision of the Works of Defence Act, 1903 (Act 7 of 1903). Provision of green belts along Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Railway line and Badshahpur Nallah has also been made to meet any eventuality of their possible widening in future. Large open spaces have been
proposed near Village Basai, Dhanwapur, Medawas and flowing greens in other residential areas. On Mehrauli- Gurgaon Road, the land between Sector 24 and Haryana-Delhi State Boundary measuring approximately 135 hectares has been designated as biodiversity park. In the open space shown in sector 72 and sector 72 A, the storage of water in the form of artificial water body shall be planned. This would help in recharging the ground water on the one hand and would also avoid flash floods. Besides, it will add to the aesthetic beauty of the area.

We have identified the programmable open spaces
as the space available under the categories Open space and Buffer zone, which together comprise of 5.6% of land of GMUC. The report will explain in the coming chapters how we can reinvent these spaces to create a framework that can bring the potential benefits of city living to all the citizens living in and around Gurgaon including those in villages and industrial areas.

This report will also fleetingly mention the possibility of creating inclusive development through accessibility within the Plantation Areas and Natural Conservation Areas keeping in mind the benefits of both animals as well as humans.
Planning The Open Space Network: An Unprecedented Opportunity
Existing Villages Existing Villages
GMUC 2031 Boundary GMUC 2031 Boundary
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Open Space Open Space
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