Reclaiming Open Spaces from Encroachments

The Open Spaces demarcated as per the GMUC 2031 faces a real challenge in land acquisition as a large part of the notified land has mainly three types of existing residents – Existing Tenants, Existing Villages and Illegal Encroachments. Displacing the economically weaker section without thinking about providing a comprehensive mass housing solutions will lead to chaotic development growth increasing economic and social inequity.

Metro Valley proposes a comprehensive strategy for
  all three of the existing tenants in their respective ways. The Existing Legal Tenants can be rehabilitated at their existing locations on the edge of the Open Space by constructing four storied low-rise buildings that occupy 60% lesser footprint than the existing buildings thus freeing up the rest of the land for development of Open Space.

The existing village settlements vary in their sizes and have a thriving residential population. These Villages need to be reinforced with basic services and amenities and
  their edges need to be re-consolidated. They need to be well-connected with the rest of the development around the Open Spaces both physically and socially. The open space must be planned in a cohesive way around these villages and must not only provide amenities for its population but also opportunities to upgrade their human resources and nurturing their talents making the residents a part of Gurgaon's future.
Reclaiming Open Spaces from Encroachments
For the third category of Illegal Encroachments on the Open Spaces, Metro Valley proposes to introduce a comprehensive affordable mass housing solution that allows rehabilitation of displaced tenants without draining the municipal resources. These tenants can be relocated to a nearby land outside the Open Space closer to newer transit facilities so that   they can easily commute to their workplaces. The plan involves constructing 4 storied buildings at these locations that occupy 60% lesser footprint than the existing settlement and provides self- owned housing units over time to the tenants at Rs 9,500 per month for 7 years. This project will involve creating a corpus for maintaining these new buildings and   the tenants will live closer to employment centres and slowly pay instalments that will help them secure a housing unit for themselves.

The newly freed up land shall be used for planning of the open spaces that will provide venues for interaction and play amongst people of all walks of life.
Reclaiming Open Spaces from Encroachments