Urban Plantation Planting Strategy

The urban plantation accounts to 10,390 acres of conservation land reserve. The plantation areas cover some existing wild life and nature reserves like the Sultanpur bird sanctuary. However, majority of this land reserve is covered with shrubs or is barren.

To convert these lands into a thriving robust urban plantation, a systematic planting strategy needs to be in place. Planting foreign species might have a disastrous effect on the
  local ecology of the area. Besides the trees might get infected with bugs and insects harming them permanently. Also care needs to be taken while selecting the species to prevent depleting of already stretched water resources of the region.

Hence to develop a thriving ecosystem that will self sustain its growth and development, Metro Valley has done an extensive research on the species that are best suited to Gurgaon's
  climate and ecology. The following chapter devises a planting strategy that will suggest groups of species that will help in evapotranspiration, reduce soil erosion and increase the ground water table while fostering a robust flora and fauna.

Added features like nature trails for hiking and biking will enable the residents of Gurgaon to enjoy a truly surreal landscape experience.
Urban Plantation Planting Strategy
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