Sense of Security: Hostile

Existing Conditions

The automobile dependence, wide high speed roads and segregated land uses discourages walking and push people away from the streets and roads into their private cars. The building setbacks, high compound walls generally don't allow for any eyes on the street that help keeping a street safe and secure.
Poor lighting condition on roads and under repair footpaths discourages walking even small distances. The urban rural lifestyle divide and innumerable migrants add crime and fear to the city. The city is a story of conflicting needs and lifestyle, each somehow dragging it to their own end without any form or agreed order.



The crime rate in Gurgaon is on the rise with increasing thefts, abductions and rape cases. The increased security and vigilance has its own limitations due to migrant influx, lack of adequate force and outdated surveillance mechanisms that cant deter violators thus endangering the safety of all especially women and children.
Sense Of Security: Hostile   Sense Of Security: Hostile