Social Parameters: Unequal Society And Divided City

Existing Conditions

Gurgaon has been experiencing a widening gap in economic disparity between the existing villages and the new migrants with those with white collared jobs. The gated residential complexes create insulated communities amongst the new residents of Gurgaon. The increasing property prices put constant pressure on original locals to relocate to less expensive environments. The city is
being built and created by migrants who live in abysmal conditions, driven by need. Filth and dust coexist with limousines and fine dining options. People look the other way ignoring the starkness of the reality surrounding them, to escape and blame the system for all these faults.


The economic disparity is dividing the population and driving them into arms of

suspicion and mistrust resulting in a growing paranoia about their own security and safety. The society faces several consequences of such development everyday like increasing crime rates, social and opportunity divide, constant finger pointing for own problems, introverted human development thus reducing the livability index of the city.
Social Parameters: Unequal Society And Divided City   Social Parameters: Unequal Society And Divided City