Transportation Infrastructure: Inadequate

Existing Conditions

The city of Gurgaon has emerged as a car oriented development model more out of compulsion rather than choice, where even short trips require the use of motorized transportation. Public transportation is still developing in Gurgaon and therefore the city does not have connected bus routes and other networks of public transportation in place. Two major roads form the lifeline of connectivity between Delhi
and Gurgaon. Both are declared highways too. Any road blocking accident leads to long traffic queues where vehicles flouting rules put pedestrian's life to risk.


The city appears hostile to those who don't own cars. This leads to everyday increase of vehicles on the road thus compounding the tragedy further. The population of IT and other professionals working in the city is immense as Delhi has

unrealistic rentals due to demand supply gap. The roads suffer from limitation of expansion while the increasing traffic density on the streets alienates pedestrians and cyclists; thus enhancing class divide. At night trucks speed across the city carrying materials and provisions for building construction, scaring all. The city's built form is dominated with tall building with huge setbacks resulting in an unprecedented lack of scale and proportion for any city.
Transportation Infrastructure: InadequateThe Idling traffic at toll plazas to access the city of Gurgaon leads to long delays, along with causing pollution. It also has an impact on affordability of the city.   Transportation Infrastructure: Inadequate