Utilities And Infrastructure: Inadequate

Existing Conditions

The city is experiencing a surge in migrant influx while the public utilities and safety measures for pedestrians are unable to keep pace with the unplanned rapid urbanisation. There is an acute shortage of stable electric supply, potable drinking water or civic amenities. The storm water drains are ill equipped to handle rains that often lead to flooding while de-silting
of drains and waste management is absent. Overconsumption and lack of disposal systems litters garbage on the streets. Introduction of metro has helped but not completely improved travelling habits due to lack of adequate last mile connectivity.


Everyday living is constantly challenged by the lack of basic infrastructure. This creates urban islands of

opulence cocooned amidst relative poverty, aspirations and unfulfiled dreams. The city depends on polluting diesel generators for electricity and water tanker are depleting the ground water table at the rate of 0.65 m/year1. The city floods during the monsoons while the garbage and open sewers spread disease and foul smell. Quality of life gets challenged everyday through unique experiences and unexpected quarters.
Utilities And Infrastructure: Inadequate   Utilities And Infrastructure: Inadequate

1. Information Procured from the Hydrology Department, HUDA, Gurgaon